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Проекты в Арт-ленте


Ustina Yakovleva

pictorial art



Выставки на Старте

Other projects


“Generation Start" within the parallel program of Manifesta 10 (2014); Apartment solo art exhibition, Berlin;



Solo exhibition "Inside surface" in the framework of the project Platform, Triumph gallery;


the Short - list competition for young artists STRABAG, Vienna; Project  Gelitin Group , Solyanka gallery, Solyanka VPA;



Playground for young artists AA Collections in cooperation with Koll Gallery, Vienna;


the Exhibition "Vacuum", gallery Green Art;




the First Biennale of graphic art, Perm;


Group  at the exhibition of the informal apartment exhibitions, Moscow (2009-2010);


Project “First hole"; No translations No. 1; Kvartyrnyk Fresco part 1: "Thirty-six friends clouds", Art Raum;


“Remind you”: “the Art at the household level", Art Raum;



Can’t take it anymore, Voronezh center of contemporary art; Graph Art Raum; Freedom. Equality. Brotherhood, Art Raum;


Art after  the end of history, Central house of artists; come to think of it, the Factory Red October.


Exhibition of illustrators of the Institute smile, MMSI.