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Проекты в Арт-ленте

Anastasiya Vepreva

graphics/drawing, installation, photo



Выставки на Старте

Other projects


Solo exhibition. Ongoing project “Lost machine”. Laboratory “Intimate”. St. Petersburg, Russia.



“what about love?". The first exhibition of Feminist workshops. Lucy Lippard. Exhibition hall of the library. Mayakovsky. St. Petersburg, Russia.


“dreaming”. IV Moscow international Youth Biennale. Moscow, Russia (curated by David Elliott);


“my wife is the artist ’ s grief in the family”. Apartment art as domestic resistance. Manifesta 10. St. Petersburg, Russia (in collaboration with Anna Tereshkina, Polina Zaslavskaya, Lilu S. Deil, curator Joanna Warsza);


Project “Casus Pacis”. The Museum of Street Art and graffiti;


the Project of Manifesta 10. St. Petersburg, Russia (together with a group of Gandhi);


Project “Neurose" CTI PROEKT_FABRIKA. Moscow, Russia (curators group “What”).