WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

27.09.2009 — 01.11.2009

The chrysalis phase

Project author:

Tatyana Ahmetgalieva

START's artist

September, 22 — October, 25

The theme of antiquity, which is so close to the author, is caused by the geography of her birthplace: «Siberia is the land connected with maternal nature, signified by the aggressive magnificence of this nature that lets us find some kind of mysterious voices in our heads. It is very doubtful that one call this an aesthetic experience; it is more like an existential theomancy. The Siberian peoples’ realization of their own presence in the world is akin to existentialism. They perceive themselves as existing in some sort of doomed actuality; they suffer from an inferiority complex and they are hog-tied by absolute freedom, where no one is beholden to anybody, and where no one is detained by anyone.» (Akhmetgalieva T.)

Marginality is a life lived on the edge; It is like a borderline state, like one stage of everlasting initiation; it is supposed to be ready to transform itself into something completely different. Siberia is some sort of gigantic mythic cocoon, hiding itself in the pupal stage behind the layers of its own cottons ... the sources of a new «axial time,» which assumes an unprecedented breakthrough in the future... is not an agreed proposal!

In the project Tatyana Akhmetgalieva delineates the «cotton» metaphor, which is a universal linking element of the whole of life since ancient times. This is how the author sees woman’s nature — devouring and giving new life again, «passing through her.» As a Woman-Mother, who carries the new being inside her, her own and «another,» is going through all border-line states of life and death. So Siberia, as the sacral and virginal territory, is made for the resurrection.

In different cultures of the world the idea of the thread has a wide range of semantic meanings. Very often in archaic myths the thread is a universal binding element or a metaphor of thelife , which at any moment could break. Currently, when it became obvious that the postmodern epilogue had finally exhausted , the symbol of the thread has acquired an actual meaning.