WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

22.01.2019 — 24.02.2019


Project author:

Sasha Zubritskaya

START's artist

Sasha Zubritskaya, co-organizer of “Feminfoteka” and collaborator of the North-7 group, collects different images from the environment, such as a plastic box with lighters, a huge hourglass, a fountain behind fences. Snatched these situations from daily life the artist transformes them into physical volumes filled with emptiness of meanings. The project Frozen is her first experience with three-dimensional objects. The exhibition consists of works created specifically for the START project.

The exhibition of Sasha Zubritskaya Frozen – is a series of documented evidence of a locked affect. The project focuses on obsessive desire, which is impossible to find out any way. The presented objects are a system of signs and evidence: a series of signifiers indicating the absence of Thing. This is a place of shortage, where desire is exacerbated by unattainability and is caught up, frozen in its manifestation