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06.03.2018 — 08.04.2018

Caretakers for looking

Project author:

Artem Goloschapov

START's artist

Exhibition of the artist Artem goloshchapova «Rangers looking for" opened on the site of young art START, SRC WINERY on March 6. The project explores the images of the main heroes of post-Soviet cinema. The exhibition presented a three-part video, with techniques of video collage and desktop movie.

Video project of the artist Artem goloshchapova  devoted to the study of the key characters of mass cinema of the last thirty years — the heroes polumarginalnyh and semi-criminal nature. These images are the basic archetypes of consciousness of the post-Soviet period.

the author of the project to question the existence during this period, examples of good heroes that could be built around the current generation. The exhibition is divided into three parts.

Artem Goloshchapov, artist: “Video builds the image of a positive hero that works right now, in Moscow in 2018. I think the action in the present time is in itself a luxury, after all, today the Goodies are usually looking for in the images of war or of long-past Olympics. I appeal to the morphology of the heroic, sorted different idols of the recent past, hoping no, no, Yes, and fit. In particular, because he and the nostalgic — had been a time, when the posters for you looking those to whom it was possible to be. It was the same time when we do not nostalgia”.

Artem Goloshchapov creates video epic, raising important questions of Russian mass culture: as evolved the image of the hero in post-Soviet cinema? Who are our idols today? Whether they exist at all? In the method of the disassembled narrative addressed to Tom, he discovers not only a special “materiality” for video art, but also experimenting with viewing, playing with the title of the exhibition