WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

10.03.2017 — 02.04.2017

A Questionable Basis

Project author:

Anton Kushaev

START's artist

March 10, 2017, the Centre for contemporary art WINERY at the site of young art START has opened an exhibition of artist Anton Kuchaeva “Dubious basis”. The author offers us an original perspective on a familiar city buildings, eluding our attention to the design. In his works he exposes the frames and the foundations of primitive architectural structures post-and-beam type, showing the base, hidden from our eyes. Using different media-painting, drawing and object, Anton eat builds a city-the skeleton of the architectural skeletons and ashes.

the exhibition “Dubious basis” – it's a space faux. The artist deliberately changes the trajectory of view promises the viewer insight into the very essence of things, but leaves him alone with phantom constructs. The viewer enters the exhibit space on the reverse side of paintings; instead of the traditional subframe, the artist stretches the canvas on the surround wooden structure, creating the effect of three-dimensional space over the surface of the paint layer. Thus the artist calls text and context: through a simple architectural form shines through the image of the same old greenhouses are made of bones on the front side of the canvas. The author combines in one product two mediums, making it transmedia.

Following the conceptual tradition, Anton eat not only creates an artistic image, analyzing its parts, but also shows the logic of the work itself and is manipulating the optics of the viewer.

Anton eat, artist: Rotate large gear, grinding the flour time. Clearly hear the creaking mechanisms of the rubbing together of bones. Estreva in this course, they leave only ashes.  Itchy wound hides the skeleton, which is impossible to touch. Nude joints are deprived of stability, unstable, questionable. See clearly emerges the bars, empty houses are hidden and revealed at the same time. The city becomes a cage , a street - trap, image - trap. Invisible, they become obsessive gnashing grind of dust and settle on everything around. Covered by a veil, they seem non-existent, but can be discovered”.

Special attention Anton Kuchaeva to painting is not accidental. For twelve years he was engaged in the temple painting, worked on large murals. The artist participated in the painting of more than twenty temples. Today he's in College “Base”, where a combination of  the skill of the painter with a new, modern view of art.

Kirill Preobrazhensky

Curator of the project from November 2015 to present

The exhibition exists in the logic of "sleep in a dream", the artist's naive desire to break through the veil of images to the original content. But after passing through the surface of painting and graphics, he found behind them the same bare designs, as well as those that are depicted on them. Pinocchio found behind the painted hearth entrance to the utopian magical world, but the golden key is lost, and behind the painted hearth we see only the drawing of the same hearth. Unlike the happy end in the Golden Key or the Adventures of Pinocchio, the author finds himself in an obsessive looped plot.