WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

24.01.2017 — 26.02.2017

Come and look at me

Project author:

Vladimir Kartashov

START's artist

C January 24, 2017 February 26, 2017, at the Center of contemporary art WINERY in the framework of the project to support young art START will host an exhibition of the Novosibirsk artist Vladimir Kartashov Come and look at me. 

the gallery Space will be an open workshop: a painter will create his work day after day, in front of the audience filling the walls of the Start of a monumental mural in tempera painting. The outcome of the project will be the painting, which will unite the tradition of the Soviet monumental art of the XX century and postgravity.

In sketches for future painting antique coexists with the middle ages and modernity. In the process, Vladimir Kartashov appear on the walls scenes from the lives of the characters «new time», available in several kvazisfericheskoj formations. Through daily life, with its recognizable symbols of mass culture break through the mythical images of the past – ancient columns encircled by barbed wire, and the centaurs of motorcycle helmets you ride through the streets of the cities of the future.

Vladimir Kartashov, artist: “the History of art is not going away — she is a phantom is present in me, everywhere could be seen the wreckage of great empires and great styles. I'm going gray, planning and the built streets, go into dark hallways, looking into the murky Windows, and live the history of their medium.”

Eclectic themes and subjects — one of the main characteristics of paintings by Vladimir Kartashov.

Kirill Preobrazhensky, curator of the project START: “a mixture of the total style of painting and the salon of street art, a journey through the motives of the revolutionary Latin American art; a mix of subconscious influence and the traditions of monumental painting of the XX-XXI centuries, from Diego Rivera and ending with Swoon”.

About the artist: 

Vladimir Kartashov was born in 1997 in Novosibirsk. Studying at the Novosibirsk art school, majoring in “Painting”. Participant in group regional exhibitions.

Kirill Preobrazhensky

Curator of the project from November 2015 to present

the exhibition “Come and look at me I as a curator of interesting in the first place, the figure of the modern painter. Earlier in monumental painting, there was public ideological order, today it is not. However, despite the crisis of this form of art, Department of monumental painting continue to produce artists. In these circumstances, we curious young man who receives a classical education and continues to engage in academic painting. We put it in the space START by inviting viewers to look not only at artwork but to the artist and its medium – monumental painting.