WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

25.10.2016 — 20.11.2016


Project author:

Uliyana Podkorytova

START's artist

the Sixth edition of the 2015/16 season opens for the viewer the world of “Russian cossma” – in space LAUNCH artist Juliana Podkorytov is building a kind of temple. This temple has all the attributes characteristic of the traditional design of religious architecture: the chancel, decorated with frescoes, sacred symbols, and, in fact, the subject of “cult”. But the “cult” – the object of the author's fiction.


Juliana Podkorytov mifologiia women's braid, creating a special artistic language of “cosysmo" ironically interpreting popular in recent years the idea of Russian cosmism. The artist works with the nature of the real and imaginary obsessions – which can be monotonie than weave an infinite braid? What happens if you constantly play braids in different materials? Will the sanctification of obsessions overcoming obsessive state?


for the First time the image of braids originated in Ulyana Podkorytova two years ago in the short film “dual faith" (Kansk festival-2016).


Juliana Podkorytov, the artist: “the Term “dual faith” talks about the possibility of the parallel existence of multiple religious elements. The main heroine of the film become servants of the inner cult of freedom, at the same time being servants of the public authority. To determine the era in which the characters exist, it is impossible. But the lack of a specific time space becomes a symbol of Russian modernity, where man is difficult to locate coordinates “I” between globalization and tradition. I think curious is the fact that the power of the obsessive image anticipates a decisive shift to implementation of formal solutions.”

Ulyana does not bother to bind her work to the Russian image system: Podkorytova like to beat artistic realities of Russia, she even jokes that psychologically to get rid of Russian tradition with that of «folk name” – Juliana Podkorytov – she will never succeed.

Created Podkorytova character Gertrude Ferocious (aka Slash) – a kind of borrowing from the work of the Oberiuts, a hybrid of Makar Fierce, an alter ego of Nicholas Oleinikova, “hero of labour” (short for Gertrude), not randomly on the clothes a Ferocious drawn hammer and sickle. Inherent creativity Oberiutov, the grotesque, the absurd and illogic can be traced in the works of Ulyana: her characters always get into the strangest situations, plots for which the artist takes out the trash-news in the spirit of “Express Newspapers” or Life news.

Juliana Podkorytov, the artist: «Pantheon of modern heroes is formed by trillions of bloggers, tons of images and an endless flow of information. Oblique is the representative of the companies multiplication. Acting in accordance with the laws of meaningless feats, it exists on the territory of present Russia. Each story, in which is Diagonal, based on the unreal Internet news the freshening of the absurd. Pointing birch glove on the only clear direction of life, she saves the clergy of the airborne forces of the disgusting depths of the Moscow river”.


Using prisuschie folklore, games, holidays, ritual and ironic tone, Juliana Podkorytov could be inscribed in the tradition of «folk consciousness” of a number of artists of the 1970s (Irina Zatulovskaya, Rostislav Lebedev, Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Georgy Litichevsky).

Through all of the work Ulyana is a musical theme: no her show is not complete without a vocal performance. This time the artist promises to fulfill the author's mass on the electronic organ.

the exhibition will feature wood and ceramic sculpture, painting, graffiti (painting), video.

Kirill Preobrazhensky

Curator of the project from November 2015 to present

Ulyana Podkorytova inherits traditions of Russian visual culture with the stunningly interesting system error. Among the new names of young Russian artists, she is one of those who comes across the "trends", look askance towards the "national identity". But her method - does not craft naive or splint, Podkorytova proximity to this art is absolutely conscious folk psychosis, Russian national hallucinations in its purest form.