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09.04.2009 — 03.05.2009

Dark side of the moon

Project author:

Sergey Lutsenko

START's artist

The gravitational force between the Earth and the Moon causes some interesting effects. The most famous of them — the sea tides. Long ago it was proven that there were very specific physical effects of the moon on the processes of life on the Earth. But the image of a space object, created by a very old human culture, the image of something close to us and unreachable, halfstudied and unknown at the same time, and the visibility of only one side of it has a much more stronger attraction of human thought and imagination.

The man went to the moon many years ago, and its surface is thoroughly investigated by means of artificial satellites and the legendary «Rovers». The Photo project of Sergey Lutsenko could be a development of the theory of «lunar conspiracy» of 70s, the basis for which were disputes about the authenticity of documents regarding plantations of Americans on the moon. But the artist comes out with a new project of the world of solitude and silence, of the perfect refuge.

The photo project «Dark side of the moon» is an abstract model of the possible life on a celestial body. There is no man, but only the space and objects that surround him in everyday life: a road sign, where the car went by some minuites ago, the football field, where somebody played football; an orchard and the abandoned shovel and bucket, the cemetery as the end of the life’s journey.

You can go ahead and say that the project is a model of the lunar LandArt. The author places the objects in space of the moon and they acquire a new meaning:strange and incomprehensible. These are not new glass skyscrapers and supermarkets, airports and train station but provincial buildings, which are sentimentally closer to the man.
Considering his works, you get to know that the dark side of the moon for the humanity is a mystery that you want to protect, because the most confidential and intimate things are hidden there — a longing for the dreams which did not come true.

The photo project the «Dark side of the moon» is about the life on the moon. There is no man but only space and objects which surround him in everyday life: a road sign with a car went by some time ago; a football field, an orchard and the abandoned shovel and bucket; a cemetery, as the end of the life’s journey. Essentially the project is a mystification of a lunar LandArt