WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

09.06.2015 — 15.07.2015

She was lost

Project author:

Anastasiya Vepreva

START's artist

Consistently, step by step designing the program this season Start, I as the curator tried to present the widest possible range of authors, schools, mediums and approaches to art themes and projects. Therefore, the appearance of some kind of unifying theme that connects various exhibitions, seemed to me something unwanted. However, when it came time for the sixth exhibition, clearly there was an understanding that neither I nor the artists is not possible to escape from the socio-political context, imbued with militarism. Reflection, reflection on it, or at least a manifestation of military theme as heard on the background motive is present not only in the project Zina Isupova, but in the “political scores"; aggression and terrorism (which is a tool of modern hybrid wars) sufficiently define the 0-landscape. Such widespread penetration of one perspective in a completely different region leads to the conclusion that the context has become so poisonous that it is not a subject of study and reflection on the part of art, but (almost as a subject) actively influence its content, soaking himself and literally forcing myself to reflect. In these circumstances, a project dedicated to the military technique, looks surprisingly organic.

Anastasia Vepreva talks about military vehicles, treating them as subjects, oppressed by the machinery of the state. The path of liberation for them is through the renunciation of them by the state/authorities, the place of the liberation – nature. Only there, outside of society, they will be able to breathe easily and not being able to fulfil its destiny, slowly to decompose. The degree of decomposition and absorption by nature is poetically shown in the drawings of the author. Direct references to other drawings-engravings by Holbein, known as “Danse macabre" - in large landscapes, in which is mounted kolbanovskii image of death. The disappearance of the localized technique in the graphics world map.

However, even for such a thematically sharp project is unable to directly change reality. He can ask questions and make you think, but otherwise its role is passive, he – observed – I just have to see. Exhibit space in appearance similar to a traditional Museum-a place of storage and display of Autonomous works of art, distilled time, manifested passive power of art. Here it seems to say to the viewer.