WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

26.02.2009 — 29.03.2009

My Moscow

Project author:

Milk and Vodka

START's artist

The Artists confront the viewer with the situation of illusory perception of the size and scope of the subject, of the closed and infinite space, of the real and fictional. «My Moscow» is a study of human phobias in front of the metropolis, on front of the capital of Russia, based on the feeling of risk or danger regardless whether they are real or not. The Installation «Moscow» is the realization of the man’s existential fears.

Any living creature (the man is not an exception) is influenced by contradictory requirements. One of them pushes him to exploration of new spaces, making him travel to other cities and countries, to change the place of work or area of residence. Another the opposite need keeps a man at one place, scaring him with the danger of changes.

Moscow is in all aspects a very harsh city for living: beginning with prices and ending with efforst and time to move. In Moscow there are only two factors that attract and retain people: the highest salary in the country and the extensive infrastructure. Higher level of salaries and comfort in Moscow in comparison with other cities compensate considerable physical and moral costs of living. At the same time Moscow becomes a phobia: the architecture, the people, the layout, the climate effect on the human psyche, especially if the man came there for a while" (Milk and Vodka)

The artists confront the viewer with the situation of the illusory perception of the size and the scope of the subject, of a vicious endless space, of a specific real object and the Ecumenical space. But mostly it is about a personal experience of the artists, their sense of fear for the metropolis, for the capital of Russia — Moscow. The installation «Moscow» is a reflection of the existential fears.