WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

05.07.2012 — 02.09.2012


Project author:

Aleksandr Podgornyy

START's artist

An attentive and subtle look at surrounding nature is the distinctive feature of Alexander Podgorniy’s works. The exhibited objects do not reveal the secret of its origin immediately. All these works intentionally balancing on the border of artificial and natural were found by the artist in their natural environment- on a neglected sports ground, on the lakeside of Baikal or in the ramshackle houses. Presented in the form of «ready-made», produced by nature, they attracted his attention as documental evidence of unapparent at first glance, interaction between nature and human-made culture, when nature turns household waste into fanciful sculptures or tries to get along together with erected barriers. In today’s industrial overproduction such artist’s gesture looks almost radical because there lies an idea of a minimal interference into the surrounding reality and respect for freedom. At the same time, it is inseparable from reflection about contemporary culture and critique of consumer society, which now involves an appeal to nature.

The works of Alexander Podgorny are distinguished by an attentive and a slim look at the environment. The objects showed at the exposition do not reveal at once the secret of their origin. Intentionally balancing on the edge between man-made and natural, they were all found by the artist in their natural environment — in an abandoned playground, on the shore of Lake Baikal or in the ruins of old buildings.