WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

12.04.2012 — 13.05.2012

Spelling preserved

Project author:

Pavel Arseniev

START's artist

Artist Pavel Arseniev use poetry, which is naturally inherent to the creation of a closed space detached from the reality with a determined intent to overcome this detachment, to reinforce the word with action and add the materiality to the poetic text. Lines of the conceptual school poet Vsevolod Nekrasov turned out to the art territory, which is the base of artist’s work; they follow one another and materialized in the letters of foam. Poetry takes a shape and object’s space and evolvement of the time, which is inherent to the action. Exit of poetry free of printed page is related for Pavel Arseniev with injection into the social daily life and had been demonstrating by the fate of artist’s banner with the phrase «You have not even imagine», which became a symbol of the civil uprising of recent protests. However the work «Spelling preserved» also is contemplation about the power of art and role of the artist. «The investigator’s office» and sounding there artist’s poem «Expertise» in which the monotonous voice problematizes the emancipative pathos of art and unappealable call to exit of art to the real life are a counterpoint of poetic lines. Sketching the space between poetry and reality, language and experience, desire and opportunity, «Spelling preserved» installation raises a question what it means for artist to interact with reality, question as relevant as possible for today.

Pavel Arsenyev has turned to poetry which tends by nature to creation of the closed space detached from the reality. He is determined to overcome such a detachment, to reinforce the word with the activity and to materialize a poetic text. Once on the territory of art the poetic lines of the conceptual poet Vsevolod Nekrasov, the artist referred to, are following one another being materialized in foam letters.