WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

03.03.2012 — 08.04.2012

Pipes are on fire

Project author:

Oleg Ustinov

START's artist

«Pipes are on fire» installation is the metaphor of present moment, powered by the protest state of public opinioin. In author’s words from one side, this moment is defined by irresistible thirst for freedom and the willingness to do all the best to achieve it, and from the other — the feeling of instability, like the ground is getting out of your feet, oil pipes is going to catch fire and this fire burns everything arround. And here we are, pipes are already burning, giving the way out for a strain accumulated in the depth of the earth. Rap from the stage describes the current political reality in ironic vein.

Continuing to play up musical codes and cliche and combining visual elements with musical ones, Oleg Ustinov referred to gloomy rap that occupied an important niche in modern pop-culture. There are three elements — the burning pipes, the stage that is good for concerts as well as for meetings and brutal rap, all three are getting together to convey the spirit of our days as time, place and action in a theatre play do.

The Installation " Pipes are burning" is the development of a new musical territory for the artist, who has already made a project of the virtual gay singer Alexander Zalupin. Combining the music codes and clichés, visual and musical elements, Oleg Ustinov has turned to a gloomy rap that has occupied the important place in the modern culture. Three elements — burning pipes, scene suitable both for concerts and meetings, brutal rap come together like time, place, and action in theatre in order to convey the spirit of the reality.