WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

09.10.2008 — 09.11.2008


Project author:

Dmitriy Teselkin

START's artist

The first project of the non-commercial exhibition START at the Center contemporary art WINERY was the exhibition-installation «Constructor» by a young artist Dmitry Teselkin.
A giant construction of the 50 000 author modules is a paraphrase of the children’s game «Lego». It is not just a simple Constructor but a Designer of modern art. The artist dragging us to a creative game accents a very important theme of modern art , fabrication of art objects ,the infinite reproduction of forms under requirements of curators and gallerists. The artistic work is included with other objects of the human world in a certain business scheme that makes the producer — artist to be engaged in processing of art.

The artists, once caught the right wave, are not going to prove and to search for new expressive forms. It is a young generation, which will go beyond the common systems and stereotypes and will create a new «module» of art so that our expectations will be justified.

Born in Nizhny Tagil, Dmitry Teselkin lived in Odessa, at the Baikonur cosmodrome, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, in towns with various landscapes, architecture, mood — hence, perhaps, the craving to architectural forms. On October 9, DmitryTteselkin showed his «exemplary» «Teselkin-Bau» (by analogy with the work of Kurt Schwitters ’Merz-Bau«). The author presents the audience with his view of art — the author’s module which everybody could use to create his unique «art object»:

«After having proven and reflected, I developed a universal art constructor that could meet all the requirements of modern installations. And most interestingly, it works! According to the tendencies of modern artt every detail could be perceived as a separate picture of 10×15 cm. There are a lot of constructive decisions. Every person being non- familiar with the modern art, could make what he wants, not to mention the artists. It’s very simple, are required only the components. No glue, no nails, no auxiliary materials. The scale could be any: from a minisculpture to a huge monument. Your designer will match any event, any idea. Everything is in your hands. It’s just a game...».

The installation «Constructor» is primarily a reflection over a young art of the day. The author talks about the processing of the modern art, about the infinity of the forms reproduction, about the necessity to satisfy the requirements of curators, gallerists as well as about speculations with the concepts «young artist» and «modern art».