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art-gruppa "CHReVo"

pictorial art, installation, video art, #Conceptual art, #Socially-oriented art, #Media art, #Abstract art



Other projects

2011. – “Caters" solo exhibition Ruslan chernakova, gallery Cleaver, Krasnoyarsk, 2011. – 18th Museum night "Weightlessness", Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk, 2011. – IX Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale, Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk. 2011.-2012.- "uncensored". Exhibition of young artists in the framework of the 19th night of the Museum ’s Tales of Dostoevsky's" KMC, Krasnoyarsk. 2012. – “the Art session 2012" (installation "under Dно Dном» won «real») Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk. 2012. – the 20th annual Museum night ’s Time to change everything!", Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk 2012. – “Art 2012 mission" (project «Dezoma" took the second place) Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk 2012. – «Settings» personal exhibition, gallery "Parcel" Barnaul, 2012.- "Without censorship 2012". Exhibition of young art within the 21st edition of Museum night "Simulacrum", CMC, Krasnoyarsk. 2012 - 2013 – “МиаzМЫ" solo exhibition, Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk. 2013. – “F63.9." solo exhibition, Museum of modern art ’etage" FEFU, Vladivostok. 2013. – “Трофеиzация", project "Art Session 2013" , Krasnoyarsk Museum center, Krasnoyarsk