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Sergey Lotsmanov


pictorial art


Arseniy Zhilyaev

Modern art from the time of Andy Warhol deliberately diminished the idea of Romanticism. In the scheme of the artist - work - Gallery - exhibition - art - the market is almost no space left because the audience loved the myth of the artist against the world, outsiders confinement. Works of art acquired an impressive scale, the artists have mastered the production of new techniques, different design perfectly. Works by Sergei Lotsmanova - the opportunity to experience a new experience, call it experience a detached observer, escape to the outskirts of the city, abandoned and forgotten people places.

Olesya Turkina

Probably because everyone is lined, recalls the work Sol LeWitt. It seems to me, Sergey, that you will be interested in his section on conceptual art.

Ustina Yakovleva

The pupal stage

Tatyana Ahmetgalieva