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Dead Languages

graphics/drawing , pictorial art , #Computer art, #Sketch


Anastasiya Shavlohova

It can be an interesting project!

Arseniy Zhilyaev

Indeed, a good story. To develop this project in our conditions will be challenge. Beautiful graphics . On the other hand, some naivety makes the project easy for perception.

Elena Yaichnikova

Language as a sign system for the transmission of information - a fertile topic for work, but these figures are, unfortunately, only mark, it but do not develop, and therefore does not go beyond nice exercise in the field of graphic design. You should take a look, for example, the project "Patriotism" REP group (Http:// and think about how it works, and the well-known work of Komar and Melamid "Quote" (1972):

Irina Kulik

Really liked the project - the exact expression of the modern world, in which all languages seem either have not learned, or have already forgotten. Computer characters may be confused with children's scribbles Soviet newspeak - with avant-garde nonsense and pearls guggl translator, abstraction can be dipped or painted over censorship lines graffiti (as Jenny Holzer, or our Alexandra Galkina). I would like to see the continuation of the project I have been engaged in the tradition running from the Russian avant-garde and oberiutov through Moscow Conceptualism to the present day for a long time, taking into account the new realities of the existence of the language related to computers and networking.
"The viands of the earth"



Azat FLOW Basyrov