WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

04.12.2018 — 13.01.2019

Burning Hearts Lecture Room

Project author:

Abdullina Daria

START's artist

Burning Hearts Lecture Room is the first project of Daria Abdullina. It starts fr om the understanding of art as an intangible activity to create the experience of the audience and their general situational sociality, organized around the lectures held by the artist. However, project is somewhat paradoxically trying to return the images and content in the described logic.

For her first personal project, Daria organizes a lecture hall, wh ere she presents her narratives for everyone in a performative way. The artist does not produce a clear conceptual deconstruction or analysis of the narrative form. And it seems that her stories are in no way connected with the actual social situation. However, its activities have a different side, which is represented in a small room behind the lecture hall. This is a dressing room, office, or archive. Here, Daria slightly reveals to the viewers the motivation for creating images and the reflections behind them. That the world is a cake. About his beating heart, which is more important than the picture. The fact that artists are losing to musicians and that for many of Darya’s artistic comrades the key question is how to make art, and this, unfortunately, is becoming more important than art itself. And with her works Daria responds to this fact.

There is a soft intake of those who wish to enter the poetic author's mechanisms. This once again demonstrates the obvious, but often ignored, fact that the process of creating an image is much more complex to interact with the surrounding reality than direct cause-effect relationships. And the process of developing social or general, so necessary for building a community, does not necessarily have to be based on a direct discussion of social and political themes.  

And here any imaginary closed figurative world becomes something more than a non-reflective representation. He can act as the center of self-determination of the situational community or even follow the utopian logic of the instrumentalization of art in the struggle for the improvement of society by presenting it with the desired ideals.