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12.12.2017 — 14.01.2018

The image of the enemy

Project author:

The course of Kamenkovich-Krymov (GITIS)

START's artist

the Students in the experimental course of Kamenkovicha-Krymov (GITIS) provided their work as artists on the site “START” SRC Winery December 12. In the framework of the group exhibition ‘enemy” participants use the methods of modern theatre and visual art.

Ten students of the course of Kamenkovicha-Krymov became participants in the project “START” according to the results of a series of portfolio review conducted by the Center for contemporary art Winery in 2017. Meetings of experts with the students of art and art schools give budding artists a chance to realize your project in one of the leading cultural institutions of the country.

Group exhibition at the site “START” brings together in one space works in different media: video, objects, installations, painting and more. The subject of reflection artists — an enemy, a meaningful ten personal stories. Works created especially for the exhibition, devoted to the study of global problems of the younger generation — unresolved childhood fears, obsessive thoughts about the surveillance and terror, trying to understand the definition of the term “enemy” in the context of actual reality.

exhibitors: Gregory rahmilovich, Eugene Reznikova, Anna Itkin, Olga Gray, Alexander Dykhne, Maria Plavinskaya, Elizaveta Guseva, Anna Grebennikova, Barbara Ivanik, Katherine sargina. 

Young people born in 1990-e years, not understand and do not know “enemies” of the past, but the echoes of the fears of the older generations is worrying. This becomes apparent now, when our primitive fears and perceptions of the enemy as something different, unknown and therefore dangerous reach the limit. Exhibition “enemy” — not politicized history, and experiment-a study in which ten students are positioning the enemy as a family drama, inner conflict, the eternal problem of fathers and children, a threat to the security of the past, a violation of the right to privacy and other relevant "fears" of the modern world. Artists choose a variety of media, producing statements in the format «new sincerity”, which is characterized by a particular perception of the world, sensuality and openness

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