WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

17.05.2009 — 21.06.2009

Five rooms

Project author:

Evgeniy Dedov

START's artist

And yet, Lord, we understand what intervals, compare them and say that some are longer and others shorter. We even measure how one time longer or shorter than the other, and the answer is that this period two or three times more or less, or that both are equal. We measure, however, only until it goes since by measuring, we can feel it. Can I measure the past, which is gone, or the future? I dare anyone to say that it is possible to measure not existing? Until the time comes, it can be felt and measured; when it passed, it’s impossible: it’s gone«.

St. Augustine. «Confession»

The movement, the process is the essence of time. Being an abstract entity, time is incalculable. Simultaneously, it is sensually and physically palpable. Genesis of a single person is a process of the experiencing of time, being inside of him and its developing. All our concepts about hours, minutes, years are rather arbitrary. How often do we catch ourselves thinking of time has stopped or runs inexorably. Thinking of time or forgetting about it, anyhow we are in the process of its movement. And the only criterion of the time measuring is a sensual feeling of its movement, a subjective psychological facto.

The problem of time was relevant throughout the history of mankind: it argued Aristotle, Augustine of Hippo, Kant, Hegel, Descartes, Einstein, Newton, Joyce. For the twentieth century, the understanding of time became a fundamental part of all the philosophical thought which made the artist to approach this topic. Later on the genre of installation which became very popular was directly linked to the concept of time.

A young artist Eugene Dedov from St.Petersburg in his installation "5 rooms«represents his sense of spatial-temporal relations:
«My job is basically another attempt to understand the essence of this phenomenon, and mainly, to analyze a personal sense of time in the living space. A human life, a social life are the most fundamental expression of the unity of space and time. We divide life into stages — birth, childhood, adolescence, youth, old age and death. We can say that the human life is a beam of light divided into segments. And people’s live is certainly their time. The time that has the past, the present and the future».

A young artist from Petersburg Eugene Dedov in his installation «5 rooms» demonstrates the sense of spatial-temporal relations: "My job basically is another attempt to understand the essence of this phenomenon, and mainly, to analyze a personal feeling of time in the living space. The human life, the social life are a fundamental expression of the unity of space and time.