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26.12.2014 — 25.01.2015

political scores

From 26 December 2014 to 25 January 2015 in the framework of the project LAUNCH will be held an exhibition of the group of u/n multitude ," political scores«. The Vernissage will take place on 25 December at 19:00.
There will be video recordings of four performances of the group during 2014. The «score» u/n multitude means the unique statement, linking the performer and the political context of the time.
The earliest «political score, «Cook against Webern», based on the story of a tragic death of the Austrian composer, mistakenly shot dead near his home by the american soldier-cook shortly after the Second world war. The contexts to which refer the following «scores», also raise issues of the relationship between people and the government. Moreover, in all the performances, anyway, there is the problem of mass militarization of consciousness and reflex division into friends and foes, recognition of the power and obedience of authority, built on violence.
Performance «a brief history of denunciations» consists of texts the actual poems, taken from the archives of the secret police of tsarist, Soviet and modern Russia and adapted for voice and piano. Repressive mechanisms of power in most cases this was only a mediator in private conflicts or a consequence of the «prisoner’s dilemma», when the denunciation was the lesser of two evils.

In «Music in prisons» u/n multitude read the «Rules of life» in Dmitrovlag , the largest division of Gulag, where the prisoners kanalsoldiers joined Moscow river with Volga.

The fourth «score» refers the example of confrontation between the government and the society — the famous Khrushchev speech of the Arena into the address of avant-garde artists in −1962. The sound of absurd quotes, repeated in the performance, ironically spread throughout the exposure.

In «Political scores» u/n multitude introduces a new way of artistic expression that appeared on the Russian art scene this year. There the"score" is understood as a sequence of activities linking the contractor’s work and the political context of the time in a single, sometimes ironic or absurdist statement. However, the «political scores» is an escape of art from a total dissolution in the political gesture