WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

28.06.2014 — 31.10.2014

Generation Start

Project authors:



Evgeny Antufiev

Pavel Arsenyev

Generation Start

In the frame of a program of the European biennial of contemporary art MANIFESTA 10

Generation START is the event that brings together young artists, for whom the Playground of the Winery’s START is the first experience in expressing themselves and also the beginning of their career in contemporary art.
The Playground START has no analogues in Russia, it is a non-profit project of the Winery which gives the opportunity to young designers to present their work at the debut exhibitions, it is like a professional «Elevator» for its participants. Since 2008 the project has been held at more than 30 solo exhibitions of such authors as Tatiana Akhmetgaliev (finalist Kandinsky Prize 2010, the artist Galerie Forsblоm (Helsinki), Aslan Gaisumov (Kandinsky Prize nominee 2012), Evgeny Antufiev (winner of the Kandinsky Prize 2009) and others.
The main idea of the Start — openness to artists. To participate in the project and to send the application works can every young artist who has not previously had a solo exhibition. The project has just received more than 8,000 applications. The selection of projects has been made by a specially created Advisory Council and curators. The curators of the Project Start at different times were: Anastasia Shavlohova, Arseniy Zhilyaev, Elena Ovarian, Maria Kalinina, Vladimir Logutov.

The exhibition Generation START in the former classrooms of the First cadet corps in St. Petersburg plays with a model of a school academic view. The exhibition is based on the principle of the START’site — each artist is given a separate space for his author’s expression. The format of the exhibition will not only tell the audience of MANIFESTA 10 about the activities of the project, but will also present a new generation of contemporary Russian artists.
The Artists of the Generation START are: Evgeny Antufiev, Pavel Arsenyev, Tatiana Akhmetgaliev, Aslan Gaisumov, Ivan Gorshkov, Eugene Grandfathers, Taisa Circular, Kirill Makarov, Milk and Vodka, Ivan Novikov, Tatyana Paniker, Alexander Podgorny, Igor Plane, Ksenia Sorokina, Valentin Tkach, Ustina Yakovleva.

Producer: Sofia Trozenko

Curator: NikolayPaladgchenko

Coordinator: Anastasia Skvorzova


Group exhibition

Anastasiya Shavlohova

Nikolai Palazhchenko