WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

27.05.2014 — 22.07.2014


Project author:

Yuliya Krivozubova

START's artist

The Series «Space», where she draws schematically empty spaces is the next level of her work — separating the figure from the background and making it work outside the picture. In the gallery there are series of empty spaces’ images and series of objects which are separated from the paintings in a self sculptural form. Keeping anthropomorphic motifs, Julia, in her small plastic goes further on. In the logic of the exposition comes out a game where the object and the space representation form again a single piece. The central work, as a continuation of the hall’s space invites the visitor to become an object of such a space. The«Cubic «rooms» are inside-out towards the emptiness. The cube in the void or a cube, each side of which continues infinitely, occupies all the space, becoming both infinity and emptiness. From the walls of the Void degenerates meat of time," says about his work Julia Krivonosova.

The Central objects of «Saloha» are the figurative compositions from the series «Time». The artist sees these paintings like accidentally made, or peeped «snapshots». The motionless figure of a girl with crossed behind back hands is for the artist a «snapshot» of the moment. The author interprets this figure as an image of the existence. It captures the fear which is physically embodied and named. The artist called this anthropomorphic figure Saloha.

The exposition of Julia Krivozubov is about time and space, about life of the figure in space.
The visitor entering the hall sees a Huge canvas of 2.5 X 2 meters high representing the empty space as if continuing the hall. The visitor himself becomes the object of the space. On the left and on the right side of the hall there are two symmetrical big canvases from the «Time» setting a direction of movement, a sort of «start» and «stop». On both sides of the wall there are tidy white shelves with white small plastic objects on the graphics background A4 depicting different empty spaces (about 15 pairs on one side and 15 pairs on the other side). Each graphic sheet is a kind of «background» for a single object. (see the Annex with a diagram illustrating the idea in detail)