WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

03.04.2014 — 11.05.2014


Project author:

Kirill Obolensky

START's artist

Kirill Obolenskiy is young artist-graphic from Moscow. It’s already fifth exhibition of project START within the framework of program dedicated to contemporary plastic. Artist in his works of art represents villages and cities of third world countries turned in total dumps. Creativity of Obolenskiy is an endless series of littered spaces.

There is carefully made graphics on paper in front of us. Formally it reminds engraving of ancient masters, substantively refers to aesthetically unworthy: trash, wastes. This wide tradition is represented in art from Bruegel to Schwitters and Muniz. By portraying marginal aspects of modern city the artist thinks in the tradition of Russian Wanderers. His work can be seen as an answer to the question: how critical realism can be possible today?

The artist seems to immerse in sophisticated texture of trash heap and takes the viewer on a journey to this nuanced world. The artist says: «meticulousness of image develops itself. Detailing is similar to a catharsis.» It affects hypnotically on a viewer, he has to wander around picture, open a picture by parts, go deeply in small details. Traditional painting tend to appear before us completed. Literature, for example, unfolds narrative in time. Intentional detailing of image forces us to «scan» picture gradually with our eyes, open more new elements. In this point detailed picture is close to literary composition, by turning texture in text. We can talk about picture-text.

We see meticulously made graphics on paper. It formally recalls to engravings of the old masters, and refers to an aesthetically low debris of life. This artistic tradition, is represented by Brueghel Schwitters and Muniz. Showing the marginal aspects of life in the modern city, the artist works in the Russian tradition . His works could be perceived as a response to the question: what is the critical realism today?