WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

25.02.2014 — 24.03.2014

Movement of colors

Project author:

Yulya Popova

START's artist

Yuliya Popova is a young artist from Volgograd. In her works is most importantly the «life of colors» like a travel into a mosaic world of abstract landscapes.
This is the fourth exhibition of the START focused on demonstration of the modern plastic art. After technological painting of Alexander Zaitsev and distinctive, austere pictorial manner of Ilya Grishaev,Yulia Popova’s works look like a color shimmering field, like a story of an infinitive spectrum." Everything from canvases to albums is full of expression. The artist’s manner is based on emotions. There are plastic diaries of a journey through non-existing lands.
«In his works the artist comes from „interdisciplinary“ position, as if she sees the world for the first time and she doesn’t know how it looks like. The Art for her is a form of construction of the ideal world. From a chaos of stains and images she constructs her slender, beautiful world. Almost all the works of the artist are based on supplementary colors. Often these are three related and one accent or two accent colors.

Her works are always serial, instead of one thing the artist sees many things, pushing the boundaries of the performance to a serial one. Graphic series in their turn are formed in a cartoon-like sequence. In albums, more than anywhere else you feel the movement of masses, compositions, colors. We can observe the movement of the color in itself or in the spectrum. The color seems to surround the author from all sides, and her work appears in the form of intricate designs. This is a reminiscent of sketches of the researcher seeing the world through colored glasses» — comments of the curator Vladimir Logutov

Yulia Popova works intuitively, however, her art goes back to the historical avant-garde. These works again unfold for us the drama of the birth of the color spectrum. They are like expressive notes on the margins of the art system which bring us together with the historical avant-garde of the last century paving the way to the future.