WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

17.10.2013 — 08.11.2013


Project author:

Aleksandr Zaytsev

START's artist

In history of modern art the idea of value of technology errors in the process of creation appears quite often. Paying attention to random errors and errors identified, we can observe the emergence of new aesthetic properties that enhance visual language. Working in 3D-modeling, and doing quite routine tasks, the artist draws attention to the sometimes appears incorrect displaying of objects. At this moment, the object model is transformed in an abstract graphical composition that captures the author, creating his works, as if in co-authorship with his computer. This approach gives the artist a chance to fix the random deviations from the norm" and use it to build your language.

The author identifies these songs «Cases», because they are possible. It prints fleeting movements of the machine recreated in the form of the classical paintings.

What the Contemporary figurative painting means? How can it exist and in what forms? In the arsenal of painting there are few resources which are not used by other media, but this few resources introduce the crystal clarity and purity in painting. We can think that the contemporary painting doеs not have the right to exist until we will see some examples which reject this view! One of these examples is Kirill Makarov. He is the striking example of contemporary painter who believes in the arsenal of artistic resources which are remained in her figurative form of painting.