WINZAVOD contemporary art center
invites to the «START»

19.11.2008 — 14.12.2008

Queen of the second hand

Project author:

Veronika Rudieva-Ryazantseva

START's artist

In the framework of the project START to support young artists at the Winery’s site there was an exhibition of Veronica Rudieva-Ryazantseva «Queen of the second hand», which presented a series of paintings and a media installation.
In his project, the artist, born in Krasnoyarsk, but recently living in St. Petersburg, deliberately creates the artificial environment, which combines the space and the aesthetics of the second-hand shopping and luxury boutiques. According to the author, red velvet curtains of «fittings» are intended to contrast with a dark basement, «changing the gloom to the solemnity, thus creating the effect of theatricality and recalling the absurdity of modern Russia where pretentious facades exist with the yard devastation.

The viewer looking inside the velvet curtains, instead of a usual mirror , does not see his reflection in it, but always the same heroine,the a girl Sasha in a variety of «costumes» and the images on the background of urban interiors. The choice of clothing for he is a creative game, a search for identity.
Like a modern artist, she effectively mixes styles, methods, creative manners and images of the past. Despite the low-budget set of clothes, Sasha whenever possible is able to create a positive image of her individual style. Maybe Veronika Rudieva-Ryazantseva puts her character on the throne in order to show that a naive child’s game of Sasha — making bubbles of chewing gum — it is like making fun of the to be a mockery of the exaggerated world of images and brands.

Looking through the velvet curtains of the «fitting» room, the spectator, instead of a usual reflection of himself in the mirror, sees the only heroine, a girl Sasha in a various dresses and images on the background of urban interiors. The choice of clothing for her is a creative game, a search for identity.