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"Moskvich Mag", Dunlop and Winzavod invite artists to take part in the art project "The Art of Perfection"

!! Open-call !!

"Moskvich Mag" // Dunlop // Center for Contemporary Art "Winzavod"

Invite artists to take part in the art project "The Art of Perfection".

"Moskvich Mag" sets a new format and for the first time will not only write about artists and their works, but also together with Dunlop and "Winzavod" will hold an exhibition on the results of an open competition and give the opportunity to tell about themselves and their work to a wide range of our subscribers and readers. The exhibition, stories and works of artists will be the subjects for photo and video content of the magazine, which will actively cover the process of preparation for the exhibition and its participants on its pages, collecting more than a million and a half monthly views.

The idea of the project is based on reflection on the speed of life, striving for perfection, perfectionism and resistance of the constantly changing world. We want to invite artists to reflect on the themes of movement and path, speed and rhythm of life, addressing a variety of techniques and paying special attention to rubber tyres as a medium for their projects. Rubber tires are one of the popular materials of contemporary art. They are used to create large-scale installations, objects, mosaic panels and small architectural forms, and we would like to see works that fully or partially reflect all the given parameters. The theme of speed of life and movement is the key themes of the exhibition, and this will be the main principle of choosing the works of artists.

We are waiting for artists working with different media: painting, graphics, installation, sculpture, photography, video art, media art and performance.

If the topic is close and interesting to you, take part in the selection stage of the project: fill in the form (, attach PDF with your CV and description of the idea (no more than two).

The organizers of the festival will take care of logistics, installation, will be considered in part the cost of production.

The exhibition will be held in the pop-up space of Winzavod in the second half of October 2019.

The expert group will accept applications until September 30, 2019.